Sand To Stone


Three primary contemporary artists selected to participate in Sand to Stone

Fast forward to today. The general public often associates Native American art with paintings of Chiefs wearing feather headdresses, statues of Indians on horseback, woven baskets, intricate beading, and pottery. While many contemporary Native American artists continue to utilize traditional processes, many others are working outside this context in a variety of media – photography, film, installation, sculpture, and painting.

The three primary artists selected to participate in Sand to Stone – Gerald Clarke Jr., Cara Romero and Lewis deSoto – were selected for their artistic excellence, ability to provide insight, and desire to contribute to the contemporary dialogue. Drawing from their indigenous roots and using contemporary practice to frame a present reality, they are challenging preconceived Featured Contemporary Artists notions about what contemporary Native American art is and offering new models of cultural identification. Their artworks serve as cornerstones for discussions about current indigenous worldviews, cultural mythologies, relationships with land, and the complexities of the modern Native American experience. Although they are influenced by specific histories and traditions, they are also members of a larger creative community. They are innovative forces redefining the place of indigenous artists in the global world of art.